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Executive Education

No two companies are the same. So, why should your company’s employee education program look exactly like the one your competitor is using?

Static business courses taught the same way year after year are fine if you operate in an industry with zero growth and zero uncertainty.

But you don’t work there. You operate in an industry constantly expanding; constantly evolving; ever challenging you. That’s why you need a life-long learning partner who understands your industry, your employees, your challenges, and your ambitions. The Sam M. Walton College of Business is poised to be your life-long learning partner.


Walton Executive Education at the Sam M. Walton College of Business is your partner in an ever-changing business world. We design custom programs to help you reach your company’s goals by blending real-world insights and proven best practices with industry-leading research. This isn’t your typical theoretical mumbo-jumbo. We provide practical, data-driven solutions to help your company grow, compete, and win.

Whether your company has 2 employees (counting your dog) or 200,000 employees, we’re ready to be your life-long learning partner who can help you through the twists and turns of an ever-changing market. We have a full bench of world-class faculty members, eager to share with you their insights, their research, and their industry connections.


Our approach is simple. Working with you every step of the way, Walton Executive Education will create a program tailored to your company’s needs. Through continual dialogue, we pinpoint the root causes that may be limiting your success and develop practical solutions to move your company forward.

We take a stratified approach to executive education. We believe your future success hinges on you and your employees having a foundational understanding of your profession and your industry. That’s why we create multi-layered programs designed to raise employees at differing levels to a deeper understanding of your industry. More importantly, everyone has a common vocabulary. Now, how’s that for breaking down barriers?

Filling a Niche

Walton Executive Education custom programs fill the niche between your employees’ past academic endeavors and their future academic aspirations.

We design programs that raise the bar on your company’s collective knowledge. However, your company’s success doesn’t stop with executive education. Because Walton Executive Education resides in Walton College’s Graduate School of Business, we can help you and your employees identify opportunities to expand their academic credentials, as well.

We offer a clear path for your employees to attain professional certificates, undergraduate or graduate degrees.

So how do we do it? We partner with you to discover the best solution for your company. For a true personal touch, we offer face-to-face programs in the form of seminars, symposia, and conferences. Our online courses offer the flexibility for your employees to complete the program at a time and place that works best for them. Want something in the middle? We’ve got that, too. Our hybrid programs typically begin with a face-to-face event, continue with an online course, and conclude with another in-person event that reinforces the concepts most important to you.