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The Walton MBA is industry specific, market driven, and leverages the unique strengths of the Walton College and our corporate partners. Students begin the three semester, 16 month program in January and complete 48 hours of coursework.


The Walton MBA program is designed to provide rigorous academic training and a strong business theory base from which our students launch or advance their professional careers.

Our core courses offer broad business education while career track electives offer knowledge and exposure to topics that are directly relevant to the consumer packaged goods and retailing industries.

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Study Abroad

Our study abroad programs are designed specifically for MBA students and allow you to experience international business firsthand.

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Career Tracks

Four distinct career tracks allow Walton MBA students to customize their experience, corresponding to specific career paths at leading companies within the retail and consumer packaged goods industries

  • Retail Marketing Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Financial Management
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation
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Internships and Job Placement

Close partnerships with our corporate partners facilitate recruiting and networking opportunities, internships, and careers.

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Full-Time MBA

Program Length: 16 months

Application deadline
Early decision: April 1st
Final deadline: September 15th

Curriculum Overview
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Program Cost
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Ultimate ROI

Watch this video playlist for more information about the Walton MBA Program.

The Walton MBA Curriculum

Students will choose one of our four career tracks in the spring of their first semester to gain that industry specific experience. These career tracks include: Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Financial Management, Retail Marketing Management, and Supply Chain Management.

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Fall Semester – Year One
  • Prerequisite online courses as needed
Spring Semester – Year One 16 credit hours
Summer Semester – Year One (select one) 3 credit hours
Fall Semester – Year Two15 credit hours
Spring Semester – Year Two 14 credit hours

View more in-depth details in the MBA Program catalog listing.

Admissions Requirements for the MBA Program

Admission to the Walton College MBA program is highly competitive and selective. Enrollment is limited. The admissions committee base their decisions on applicant's:

  • GMAT or GRE score
  • Work experience
  • Undergraduate coursework & GPA
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Interview for final round applicants

Frequently Asked Questions

MBA Class of 2016 Profile
Total Number 47 students

Average GMAT 630

% Women 43%

% International 21%

At graduation, the Walton MBA Class of 2016 averaged $67,321 in starting salaries. This average did NOT include fringe benefits, signing bonuses, or other kinds of compensation.

The Walton MBA leverages four business disciplines in order to give our students a distinct advantage in the marketplace. Our faculty have exceptional backgrounds in the three forces that have revolutionized the consumer packaged goods and retail industries – information systems, logistics, and marketing.

Sharing information and data, not just within a company, but across companies, from suppliers to vendors to retailers, has transformed how business is done. Logistics models applied to this shared data help drive out inefficiencies and deliver better value to consumers and better profit margins throughout the supply chain. Finally, marketing savvy, from purchasing to consumer insights, from merchandising to in-store promotion, is undergoing significant change.

The synergy among these three areas- Information Systems, Logistics, and Marketing– is vital to the ongoing strategic success of the consumer packaged goods and retail industries. Walton MBA faculty have designed an MBA program to put students on the cutting edge of this core business development.

Spring 2016 statistics:

  • 100% of graduates responded to the Career Center survey
  • 70% of job seeking graduates were employed at graduation
  • 86.7% of job seeking graduates were employed three months after graduation
  • $67,321 is the average salary of those employed at graduation
  • For those employed at graduation, the high salary was $90,000 and the median salary was $70,000

Each year we admit between forty and fifty new students. With a small class, you get to know your fellow students and the professors get to know you well, creating a deliberate environment focused on individualized learning.

Late applications may be considered on a space-available basis. Graduate assistant funding may be limited or unavailable to late applicants.

We use a rolling admission process1 for the Full-Time MBA and Executive MBA programs.

1Rolling Admissions Process: A rolling admission process means that we review and make decisions on received applications periodically and before the final deadline. While some seats are held till the end of the deadline, applicants are encouraged to apply as early as possible.

A unique aspect of the Walton MBA program is the mentorship program that is designed to develop students and ease their transition into the working-world. Learn more

AACSB or the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business is the premier accreditation institution for business schools around the world. Nearly 600 institutions worldwide have the accreditation. As an accredited institution, we must follow a set of strict guidelines governing faculty and academic quality, meaning that your degree will be more valuable to both you and your future employer. To learn more about AACSB and what it can do for you see AACSB Accredited.

To successfully complete coursework in the MBA and Executive MBA programs, students should have a laptop/device that meets the following criteria:

  • Specifications: Preferably 5 years old or less, 4 GB RAM minimum, 4 GB free disk space minimum
  • Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8.x, or MacOS 10.x* (Students using a Mac will need to be able to run Microsoft Excel for Windows on their machines)
  • Network: Wireless enabled and/or Ethernet port
  • Virus Protection: An up-to-date virus protection software

*Please consult your Walton Connect page on Blackboard to note any additional operating system/software requirements specific to your program

The first semester was by far my favorite of the entire program. The Accelerated Program gave me the opportunity to begin my MBA before the completion of my undergraduate degree. As an accelerated student, I was only in three of the classes – Supply Chain, Finance, and Data Analytics. These classes were challenging, but taught by great professors.

The classes foster collaboration and cooperation among the students through group work. I believe the group work was a key in building relationships within the cohort. The relationships I’ve built during the program will last a lifetime and the foundation of those came in the first semester.

A day in the life of an MBA student can vary day-to-day. Typical days include morning classes with the afternoons spent working as a graduate assistant with one of the many companies in the area that help support our Walton MBA program. The internships provide opportunities to see the real-world application of the topics we are covering in class, which reinforces the learning for many students. The evenings are usually filled with group meetings for various classes or time spent completing various homework assignments.

The program has provided me opportunities far beyond what I ever imagined or expected, and overall it’s been a wonderful experience.

Chelsea Moore, Walton MBA Class of 2015


As a non-traditional student, at first I really did not know what to expect of graduate school. It had been eleven years since I sat in a classroom as a fulltime student. However, I quickly adjusted thanks in most part to the amazing faculty that assisted in our learning every day. I use the term assisted, because that is exactly what the amazing professors did. Never was there a time that we were “given” the answer, instead we were shown the tools to develop the answer on our own. You see as future business leaders, our professors understood that importance of preparing us to make decision, find answers, and more importantly find the problems before they manifest themselves into something bigger.

Day-to-day, the instructors would come to our classroom and present us with the tools to prepare us for life after graduate school. This was in the form of problems and situations that required critical thinking and decision-making, sometimes on the spot, sometimes in the form of semester long projects. The worst thing we could do, was to not come prepared for class, sometime this included reading several hundred pages, finishing some pre-class homework (homework over subjects that have not been taught yet), or simply watching a short YouTube clip. What was even more amazing to me was that each class built off of each other. We would learn a subject in Economics or Supply Chain Management, then weeks later, apply it to Finance or Data Analytics.

In the end, the first semester was tiring. Not only did we learn advanced business and analytical skills, but also for some, time management was a big lesson learned. There were weeks when we had major assignments due in every class, and if you did not plan your time well, it was impossible to finish everything. However, no matter how well you planned, nothing was possible without the help of our classmates. Teamwork was an underlying theme almost every class and those where it was not, we quickly learned to rely on each other, especially those who had significant experience in the subject area.

Kenny Bierman, Walton MBA Class of 2014

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