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Supply Chain Management Ph.D

The PhD Program in Business Administration with an emphasis in Supply Chain Management prepares students for careers in research and teaching in supply chain management.

Program Outcomes

Students in the program gain knowledge in the theoretical and substantive areas of supply chain management. They acquire the conceptual skills and methodological tools necessary to design and conduct independent research and interact with others in academic and business environments. Throughout the program, the faculty works closely with doctoral students, training and mentoring them to become great scholars, educators, and colleagues.


Course work for the PhD in Supply Chain Management is completed during the first two and a half years of the four year program. Students take three courses per semester. The course work consists of four Supply Chain Management core PhD seminars, one graduate course in microeconomics, one MBA core supply chain management class, three seminars in a supporting field, and five methods classes. Following completion of coursework, students take written and oral comprehensive exams. Near the end of the third year, students must successfully defend their dissertation proposal. The successful completion and defense of a dissertation are required during the fourth year.


Supply Chain Management Ph.D Degree

Supply Chain Management PhD

Supply Chain Management Faculty
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December 15th

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Supply Chain Management Core Seminars
Supply Chain Management Tools
  • Depending on their interests and background, students will choose 5 courses from the following list:

    • Univariate statistics (min. 3 hours; e.g., ISYS 5203) (prior course work may be applied toward this requirement)
    • Multivariate statistics (min. 3 hours; e.g., MKTG 6433, ISYS 5623, ISYS 5723)
    • Econometrics (min. 3 hours; e.g., ECON 5613/6623/6633)
    • Structural equation analysis (e.g., ISYS 6423)
    • Other (e.g., linear programming, integer programming, stochastic processes, qualitative research methods, etc.)
Supply Chain Management Supporting Fields
  • Courses for the supporting fields requirement are made in consultation with the student’s PhD Program Advisory Committee. All courses taken for the supporting fields must be at the graduate level and/or taken for graduate credit. A minimum of nine hours should be taken in graduate research seminars.
  • A dissertation will be written under the guidance of the supply chain management faculty. The dissertation committee consists of a minimum of three graduate faculty members. One graduate faculty member outside the Supply Chain Management Department may be chosen for this committee depending on the dissertation topic.
  • SCMT 700V: Doctoral Dissertation

Admissions Requirements for the PhD Programs

Applicants who wish to apply for the doctoral program with an emphasis in Supply Chain Management must submit their applications to the Graduate School of Business by December 15th.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Supply Chain Management department typically has eight to ten PhD students, at differing stages of their program, at any one time.

Our PhD students specialize in a broad range of topics including but not limited to retail SCM, sustainability in SCM, logistics outsourcing, transportation management. Inventory management, and forecasting, for example.

The Supply Chain Management department may accept late applications but only on a space-available basis. However, please note that late applicants may not be eligible for fellowship funding.

While a master’s degree is not technically required, most successful applicants to the PhD program in Supply Chain Management have a master’s degree. Your application may be more competitive with a master’s degree and the Department, therefore, recommends that applicants obtain their master’s degree prior to applying for the PhD program.

While the Department of Supply Chain Management program prefers the GMAT, applicants with GRE scores will be considered as well.

Successful candidates typically have GMAT scores in the 680-730 range. Candidates who have GMAT scores below 650 points are encouraged to re-take the test prior to the application deadline of December 15th.

No. This PhD program is full-time and requires a minimum of four years to complete. Most students are on assistantship and are required to work 20 hours a week. Between your coursework, teaching, and research, this program is a full-time commitment.